Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kinky Boots

I was fortunate enough to get to witness the genius that is Kinky Boots this past month while I was in New York! Let me start off with saying, I can barely WALK in heels, and those are grown-ass men doing flips and back-handsprings in them!! WHAT?? Tell me who they're taking lessons from, because I want in!! Not only was I in awe of their beautiful ability to walk in stilettos, but I was completely enamored by the plot! I don't believe there to have ever been a more original story line! They were able to take something as boring as the production of shoes, and turn it into an energetic, emotional, and mind-blowing performance!

The vocal talent involved in the show, while sounded great, was tough to listen to as a classical vocalist! It is no secret that the musical theatre world is not known for their technique and this show definitely showcased that, but the acting and dancing made up for the lack of healthy vocalizing! When an audience comes in, they are not specifically listening for whether or not your belt is healthy, that is up to YOU to ensure your long career, and is very much a personal choice or preference! Be that it was a rock musical, I would say that it could have been far worse than it was in concern to technique! Two thumbs-up to the actors/actresses in this show, who were able to run around the stage while belting their hearts out!!

While the dancing was absolutely incredible, the acting is what truly got me! It was the perfect mixture of humor and heavy and I LOVED how it dealt with real-life problems that we are facing every single day!! I would love to be able to take everyone I know to see this musical because It truly showcases the effect that words and actions can have on a person!!!! This musical was the perfect example as to what beautiful magic can be produced when we have an open mind, and open hand, and an open heart!! We need to fill the world with more love and acceptance, opposed to hatred and hurtful words!! I would absolutely recommend Kinky Boots to ANYONE and EVERYONE that has the opportunity to see it!! WHEN YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND, YOU CHANGE THE WORLD!!!!!! (and Lord knows, in this society, that just might do us a lot of good;))

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lunchtime Performance

1. I think we handled the breaks in music well for such an awkward situation and I did a good job emitting the right energies for the different performances.
2. I wouldn't wear sunglasses the best time, because they kept slipping off and I had to continue readjusting them which took away from the performance.
3. I, personally, thought it could've gone a lot better but everyone was extremely complimentary and gushing about the performance and how entertaining and talent-filled it was!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Exit Ticket

We have been working on our music and choreography for Arts in the Park and I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed the pieces we are doing!! I am loving the choreography, though I know I need to work extra hard at it, as dancing is my weaker point! I have been rehearsing the dances everyday and I know I can get them down if I keep working!!

The Phantom of the Opera Review

Wow. Where to begin? Phantom of the Opera has been my favorite musical going on 4 years now as Christine is my absolute dream role! The second te curtain went up, my mind and my heart were captured and transported to another time! The set was extremely interacte and all of the little details were astonishing! Everything from the lighting to the choreography was pristine and it was obvious, the hard work that had been put into the production. At first when Christine started singing, I was unsure of how I felt about her voice, but I think it just caught me off guard because once was the show was in full-swing, I found myself anticipating when she would sing next! Her voice floated so effortlessly she wa very obviously an extremely talented soprano! Her love interest, Raul, completely stole my heart with his enchanting voice and terrifc acting, but I think the Phantom REALLY made the show for me! I have never heard a voice so elegant but commanding a the same time! He projected so well in such a large space, and his acting was impeccable! I laughed, cried, and yearned so much during this show, and I can only hope to be in a production as outstanding one day! Everything was simply magical, and I never wanted it to end!! I would SO reccommend this show to ANYONE who has an interest in theatre!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Character Analysis

Question 1: Belle is a beautiful young woman who is being held prisoner in the place of her father. Belle is a slim, brown hair, blue eyed, beautiful young woman.
Question 2: Belle feels awkward and out of place in her small town. She loves books, and loves to read and is often ridiculed for her love of learning.
Question 3: She is beautiful, quiet, and very knowledgeable.
Question 4: Belle love her father with her whole heart. She is, at first, disgusted by the beast and his horrific actions, but grows to love him for who he truly is. Belle is extremely kind to the townspeople, and most of them adore her, but she has a strong distaste for Gaston, who tries at every corner to gain her affection.
Question 5: Most of the townspeople adore Belle, they think she is kind and genuine, but Gaston just wants her for her physical beauty and does not respect her as a woman.
Question 6: When Belle's father goes missing, she takes a journey into the woods to find him and stumbles upon a Clarke where he is being held prisoner by a great beast. Belle volunteers herself to take her fathers place, and is trapped in the castle where she learns more about the beast and his past, and slowly grows to love him.
Question 7: Belle is distraught but also very determined that the beast will not hold her spirit down even if her physical body is inprisoned. She shows great courage, selflessness, and determination.
Question 8: Kind, Genuine, Beautiful, Caring, Determined, Passionate, Loving, Selfless, Strong, Knowledgable
Question 9: Belle's father is her only living family left, and she is very close and protective of him. He relationship with Gaston is one of dislike; he wants her for her body and because she is the most beautiful woman in the town and she is NOT interested in him because she wants someone who sees her as more than just a pretty face.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Between The Folds

We can change things with nothing more than our own knowledge and ability. Which, when you think about it, is all we need. Art is found in everything, even the most unlikely of places. Paper, rocks, technology etc. In art, there is basic technique which is good to obtain at first but after technique, it is just you and your creativity. It only takes one person to change our view of things. That one person for the world of origami was Yoshizama. There are NO limits when it comes to art. Art is unstoppable and there are no boundaries. In music, for example, there may be a limited number of chords, but there are endless combinations of chords. You don't have to know a thing about what you are doing to make something beautiful.